16 Jun 2010

Golden gleam by the gleaming spoon

There is something wonderfully delicious about eating food with a golden gleam -

don't you think so?


  1. I do, but I think I would even more if my food looked as delicious as yours does on your bright plates.

  2. uhhh... by the looks of it you need to dish out a cookbook (no pun intended!)
    yowza, it all looks too good! :)

  3. Hmmmm. I had a tangelo on the weekend. Quite nice; but can you eat quince by themselves. (Yes, I know - probably a really silly Alice question but oh well). :)

  4. Lizzy, its all in the lens!

    Lulu, that would be a dream - a cookbook with poems and random tales and pen illustrations!

    Alice, I love tangelos. And as for eating quince by itself - its very very tart... but my dad has been known to do it!


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