28 May 2010

today I love

the wise old owl on our wall,

feet on quirky carpet,

geraniums by the frosted glass,

thrifting hand embroidered doilies,

taking the need for colour-spectrum beyond books and into wardrobes,

weaving zigzags of cotton,

pauses of sunshine between the rain,

my husband's new hair cut,

starting a new job (my first full-time job) that makes me feel so blessed and so thankful to live in a country as fine as ours,

packing my bags for another weekend adventure, this time with my mama to kangaroo valley for some prayer and stillness,

happy weekend to you and your loves


  1. What lovely loves.

    Where are you working? I've found a job as well - distinctly un-glamorous, but in my neighborhood of students, even retail is a lucky place to be.

  2. Oh, also, I've been meaning to ask for your beret pattern. I've decided to take up crocheting, because I'm jealous of your hats.

  3. :) Simply beautiful..the way you capture the beauty around you. I love the red flowers with the lavender near the window.

    God Bless *~

  4. Ahhh...

    Now what is that ziggy-zagging red lovely I spy? I couldn't quite figure it...

    And I love the rainbowing! Just as I adored it in your old room. Didn't you tell me you once went through a phase where you coloured rainbow?


  5. Lovely post. I love the colour, the order, the thrift, the handmade, the whimsy, the love. Blessings xx


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