19 May 2010

Thinking about the rain
and the slow, steady sound
of tires against the wet road;
the smell of musty air
escaping out the window,
and the heavy breaths
of he beside me -
resting his weary head
against my shoulder blade.

a flutter of the lace
curtains sends shafts of light
across the room -
I wriggle my toes
and listen to the muffled
ticking of a clock
and the rumble of my stomach;
ruminating over my lunch
of lamb and barley soup
(even better a day old)

I think about
the unrelenting busyness
that has crept up and consumed
our days and our bodies -
I want to shut it out,
I want to send it on holiday -
so for a moment I think
about his golden eyelashes
the eroding silver plated ring on his right hand,
the fluttering curtain,
the music of passing cars
And I can't help but smile.

For the rain has stopped
and the son is shining bright in my soul.


  1. Take yourselves away for a spell,
    To an enchanted, peaceful place,
    a cottage where love,
    and only grows...

    See you soon.


  2. this suit me more perfectly today than you can imagine. i sat in the airport at weeee hours of the morning, having just left my sweet sister and baby Clara (who had to go to daycare today because i was leaving...booooo) and felt sick with inner conflict and deep sadness at a situation i cannot fix. the tone, the quiet, the understanding that always radiates in your words...

    thank you.

  3. Tis a beautiful tree. Sleep well under it's glorious branches :-)

  4. Somedays I love to wear the words of others like a thick cloak around my shoulders.

    These words are some of them. Made ever more potent as I hear the rain plinking and thudding outside, smell the exchange of cooked grains escaping through the windows, trading places with the scent of wet juniper, and feel confronted with a daunting to-do list.

    "Send it on holiday"



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