27 May 2010

A Perfect View

Oh my, where did the week go?!

How it is already Friday I do not know... but before the weekend escapes me I must share with you some images from our little sojourn down to Canberra and back.

the air was crisp,
the kettle was often boiled,
the sun shone bright,
birds sang shrill,
feet often skipped,
mouths laughed and sang and sighed,
hearts were warmed
and hands were held -

It is such a honour to spend time with my dear kindred and her family,
they are all things good
and true -
and inspire us to grow a family
as loving, as passionate and unconventional...

And if you are even swanning around Canberra you must must consider staying in this little beautiful little Rosebud. Where it is all at once quaint and cosy and luxurious and the walls speak of more than 100 years history...


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