29 May 2010

In the Mist

time not measured by hours
organised by minutes
or scheduled by days

time without plans of accomplishing
things measured by greatness

time that is whole,

time that makes room
in my heart and mind
to hear you Lord,
to sit with you.

I find you in the mist
I find you in the trees
I find you in the lilies
I find you in my tears
I find you in the lambs
I find you in the running water
I find you in my mother's eyes

Sometimes I feel I am a stranger on this earth
walking unfamiliar ground,

but I will fit my feet with peace
I will seek you will all my heart
and mediate on your ways,

And in the middle of the night
when I rise to give you thanks
I am reminded of your grace
which is steadfast, unfailing,
and with each dawn
falls anew


  1. I love this poem, just beautiful!

  2. It's good for an atheist to feel the beauty and truth of your words. Thank you.


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