9 May 2010

happy to have my mother day

translations: hugging mum *in* the morning and sleeping in with her, when mum gives me aeroplane rides and "ridden broncos", when I do craft with mum...

I found this little tatty velvet bag when I was sorting boxes a couple of days ago. I made it when I was about seven or eight - mum got maddy and I to make them and put in them cards written with the things that made us feel loved - these ones were about mum; who made me feel so loved then, and makes me feel so loved now (even if the aeroplane rides on her feet have long-ceased).


  1. Purple velvet just for you, of course!

  2. I just happened to reach your blog after clicking on the next blog from my friend's and I felt sooo good reading ur posts. They are warm, colorful, soundful, beautiful and straight from the heart. :)

    Great going and yeah, I am a fan of yours from now :)

    Good Luck and keep them flowing.

  3. Really really cute **,


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