2 May 2010

Ground Thoughts

some days
like today
I know I need to slow down,
stop buzzing along at a hundred miles an hour,
rest for a while,
crouch down
really low to the earth.

lying low
against ground
I can notice all things I can't standing up

the dearest freshness deep down things

like yellow on a spider's back
like little leaves curled up in bigger leaves
like silvery tracks that snails leave

the hum of the soil
the clicks in the grass

and sometimes
a small voice within
grounding me

oh so gentle

to soften my heart,
to still my thoughts,
to listen intently
and wait patiently


  1. beaututil thoughts, beautiful prose

  2. ah, the small still voice. Bless you for listening. I know I need to keep my ear to the ground as well...

    : )

  3. I know that voice.
    It is so good to just stop and take in the beauty around us once in a while. There is so much beauty here and it is all for us to enjoy but sometimes we are busy and forget.
    Thank's for the reminder!

  4. Yes, yes! You've inspired me to lay low and to find what I see--truly find it--those things that need to be seen.

    Lovely prose.

    xx, cbm

  5. Your words just hit the spot..always.

    I love you!

  6. Beautiful shoes...and snail trails...

  7. I've never seen snail tracks before.


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