9 May 2010

For my mother.

You who
carried me in your womb,
held me at your breast
with care and tenderness;

Whose love I have
orbited like the moon
to the earth -

Whose eyes met mine first,
with fresh and thristy delight -
Who knows my face and inner thoughts
better than anyone (as well as her own)

How do I sing
sing strong
sing shrill,
praises enough?

That though you have
always know whats best
you have let me discover,
for myself,
the world -

And gently taught me
to stand on my own two feet -
in trust and faith
that He who loves us best would guide me
steadfast through the dark.


  1. You are so blessed to have such a beautiful mother. As is she, to have you.


  2. I like the image of an Emily-moon orbiting a mum-earth.

  3. I am truly blessed.

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  5. wow liked the poem. was a change from the drivel around the net. :) keep up the nice poetry.

  6. You recently mentioned you were fond of Keats. I have just watched 'Bright Star', the film about his relationship with Fanny Brawne and I can see why. It's been so long since something has moved me as much as his words and his poetry. I shall continue to read him and you of course. I do wish I could write, but as he says in the film, it should come naturally or not at all.


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