14 May 2010

a feeling
of the lovliest lovliest wallpaper under fingertips
a moment
when feet meet mr. bobby pin
a smell
of musty air and orange afternoon glow
on books and chairs and globes
(that hold stories of another era)
a look
in the morning that is cold and menacing and beautiful
a waiting
of boxes, oh so patient,
to be opened and strewn and carefully placed and tucked
a smile
of a woman closer to the light,
whose stretched mind waits for stillness,
whose heart grows soft and steady,
whose hands turn new pages

and opens the doors of our new house,
and shuts the things left behind.


  1. This post, {apart from making me so happy for you in this beautiful new place} has woken me up from a sleep I didn't realise I was in!

  2. It's a treat to see your house, and you, looking so gorgeous and happy.

  3. I love all the grey. Beautiful photos, Emily. I always enjoy them, and how they illustrate the twists and turns in your life.

  4. OMG! That's the new place? It's gorgeous, right out of a magazine. I am quite happy to see such beautiful people residing in a place worthy of them. Can't wait for more.

    Love you, Em.

  5. Oh gosh, how lovely! What a beautiful new nest <3

  6. You are such a beautiful mysterious creature! I love seeing things through your eyes. You have given me something I needed tonight. Thank you x x

  7. how do I love thee? let me count the ways.

  8. gosh, there's nothing quite like unpacking and decorating a new abode!

    by the bye, i'm not one for wallpaper, but that there is 8shades of awesome.


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