1 Apr 2010

Twenty-One on the First

Hello friends,
Today I turn twenty-one.

This is me, well kind of... its my first attempt at getting my physical features down in pen. I have given myself strange curling lips, and what is meant to be a theatrical cheek but looks more like a bunion! but its a start.

It was been a beautiful, sunny autumn's day
I have been studious,
I have been surprised,
listened to birds,
read poetry,

and I am now listening to the cure on vinyl about to have a family dinner with all my siblings and their partners (which I don't think has ever happened before). I requested two of my mum's best dishes; morroccan chicken with prunes and almonds and for desert a chocolate and raspberry tart. I am getting really hungry just thinking about it...

In the meantime I have done a little birthday rant - I hope you don't mind it being a bit long... I guess being 21 is a good excuse for a bit of relfection!


  1. Happy Birthday!
    Hope your day is full of love & joy!

  2. happy (now belated) birthday dear lady! i wish i was still in sydney, that sunshine and those rustling trees make me miss it even more than my pictures do! 21's a good age, and it's bound to be a great year since it's your first one as a married lady! hugs from WAAAAY across the pond

  3. ~*~ Happy Birthday to You ~*~
    ~*~ Happy Birthday to You ~*~
    ~*~ Happy Birthday Dear Emily ~*~
    ~*~ Happy Birthday to You ~*~

    Enjoy your special day! Best wishes!
    Yesterday I sent your letter, hope it'll get there very soon.

  4. Many Happy Returns of the Day!

    Your reflection was beautiful, indeed. You've inspired me to document and record my thoughts come each birthday.

    As someone near 23, i feel very much behind.
    I admire how you've no qualms with time and age, as it should be.

    Many happy wishes to you and Cheers!


  5. EMMMM!
    Happy birthday, you lovely and still soul. How I feel I could sit in your presence endlessly and listen to the wind or watch the sunlight dance on our feet for hours. Here's to you today!

    In the states, it means you are finally legal to drink!!! CONGRATS ON THAT.

    Though I don't think that means much in Australia, is there even a drinking age? :)

    I just sent a letter that requested a video blog, so thank you for reading my mind.

    I love you today, Mrs. Sims.

  6. You read that poem so perfectly - it was a joy to listen to you.

    Final exams are coming up, and Tim and I are moving into our new apartment tomorrow morning - with things going crazy, it's wonderful to know people so happy and beautiful, with such clever hands and voices.

  7. Mrs Sims I delighted in this vblog! (currently editing one of my own). Delighted in knowing how happy you are feeling in your own 21 year old skin. Delighted that you had raspberry and chocolate tart (my favourite also). Delighted in this post, your broach, your life, your place, your face your name, your everything. Delighted!

    I have already said and prayed it to you, but - Happy Birthday - your life begins here...

  8. Im a day late but Happy Birthday to you dear Emily! Can you believe its Autumn again!?

    Watching this video made me want to sit near you and talk to you for hours about life and all the beautiful things in it.
    I agreed with what you were saying about age and oh my..i cant believe im gonna be 17 this year!

    Love you!

  9. Just popped by for the first time but 21 is a special birthday. Therefore I wish you a very, very happy birthday and many more years to come.

    Elizabeth from Denmark

  10. Happy belated birthday beautiful girl! Gosh that's a lot of b's! I'm so glad you had a wonderful day! That brooch is incredible!

  11. Hope you had a lovely birthday! Happy 21st!

  12. Well I'm dastardly belated, but Miss E...


    I hope the first two weeks of this blessed year have wonderful, as I have an inkling they were. Tell that Mister of yours to give you a birthday hug-o-love from me, ok?


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