13 Apr 2010

Cotton Soul

Today I did a little crafting -
and I felt afresh how good it is to make things with my hands,
to pause from retail work and university study
and feel them cut and seam and wind and hook,
to drink tea and birth some of the often-dreamed-of projects
that swirl around in my head -
and feed my cottony soul;
I made my beautiful mother-in-law a quilty tote bag for her birthday tomorrow

Cut out a few more pairs of house shoes

And I have been diligently working away at my crocheted tunic; 21 squares done, 80 or so to go!

That ridiculously big ball of stone-coloured (yes, I took the risk of it possibly looking like medieval armour) yarn is the best ever - pure Australian wool. Its from Bendigo Woolen Mills and a 150g ball of luxury 4-ply (you see above) costs around $14... considering they sell 50g balls of similar varieties for $12+ in most shops I've visited its incredibly good value! Free postage within Australia too. Mmmmm woool...


  1. Beautiful creations!
    Your Mother will adore your crafted with love tote.

    Can't wait to see the finish products!

    ~Love n' Hugs

  2. Oh my! What beautiful crafting! Your fabrics are so pretty - and a second pair of house shoes in the making - they must be very snug ;) x

  3. wow talented lady great work! lol at the thought of you looking like your wearing battle armour ;)

  4. Oh trippy - Emma was making house shoes today - she made quite a crafty afternoon of it! To think, you were there and we were here - crafting together, apart... I hope we craft together again, soon.

  5. Wow that tunic is gonna look so beautiful even if it ends up like medieval armour haha!

    Yay more house shoes! oh and that tote is so funky.

    Your cottony soul is awesome :)

  6. I love that wool colour! So beautiful - and I do remember the last medieval armour crochet you got which was still quite cool!

    Also adore that tote - you are so gifted...

  7. These are just so charming! Too bad I'm in France, otherwise I would definitely make use of the free postage in Aus. Your work is great.


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