16 Apr 2010

its the little things

waking up with your best friend beside you,
hearing wind rattle the window frames,
feeling cotton on your toes
smelling cinnamon in your tea,

its the big things

keeping a healthy body,
and a healthy mind,
mapping out our paths
making sense of the world,

its the hard things

sitting very still and listening to a gentle voice,
accepting what we must,
committing to what is true,
trusting and loving and forgiving,

its laid out before me

(on paper, linen cloth, sterling silver, forest-floor)

my life as an unfinished mosaic
or a kaleidoscope spinning,


to look back on,
hold close, and let go,
retry, and begin again -

knowing that in all things I learn to live a little better
a little more humbly, a little more truly.

I learn to live in Him.


  1. Your words are so beautiful. Are you sure you're as young as you say you are?! You seem to have gathered so much knowledge already x x

  2. This brought tears: what a tremendous life is in these words. It makes me see with new eyes: the best kind of writing always does.


  3. this is absolutely beautiful.

  4. from the moment i read 'waking up with your best friend beside you to the end' I loved it.

    I felt like i related to some of these things that you wrote like: trying to be still and listening to that quiet, gentle voice or your life being mapped out in front of you with different things or your life as an unfinished mosaic.

    I just connected with this piece of your writing a lot. I just cant wait until we can sit down and talk for hours. I will make sure it happens even if it takes 5 years!

    enjoy your weekend friend.

  5. that's such a beautiful picture .... love the colours of your china

  6. This is so delicate and profound. Sometimes lacking perspective is a challenge, but your piece sheds light on what I believe is a meaningful part of life. Stunning.

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