20 Apr 2010

More from the wedding front

As promised some of the official unofficial photographs from our wedding taken by our dear and extremely talented friend Jasmin. She did such a fabulous job capturing so many precious moments from a day that seems both long ago and fresh in my heart and mind. So bare with me as I bombard you with a few more photo-laden posts from February 20th:


  1. Wowo, the photos are just filled with joy to the top!
    I've been inside that church! :)

  2. Gosh - these are lovely! I feel glad that I was there, and can relate that you feel is was both a recent, and far-off-in-the-past-event.

    I am also glad I found myself in the group photo - waving my red purse in the air (like a diva at a wedding!) - almost frustrated to not be the star - and ever so ecstatic that you, Alex and your families were!

    My, weren't you all such stars... : )

  3. These are very cool photos. I love the perspectives, the lighting, the composition and the quirkiness :-))

  4. Great pics! Thanks for sharing!


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