8 Apr 2010

for the love of a hook and some yarn

I love to crochet. My great-grandmother Viola loved to crochet too. I'm certain I inherited it from her; that the love of hooks and yarn runs warm and wild through my blood.

I have loved it ever since I was taught to crochet granny squares when I was ten or so. Knitting on the other hand has never really appealed to me... it uses up so much wool and it takes SO long, and you can't easily get away with mistakes. I have a very firm memory of trying to knit a scarf when I was six or seven and being cast on 25 stitches and ending up with 72!!!! Imagine this crazy, triangular, holy, rainbow thing and you've got my knitting abilities to a tee. I did try to take up knitting again last year and started a mottled green hat following a complicated 40s pattern but gave in to what I have always loved more; crochet.

Its a strange thing though that my desire to crochet only ever lasts about five or six months of the year - it starts in April as the mornings get a little crispier, and the days a little shorter - and ends in October thereabouts... Something about summer being waaaay too hot for handling wool. That or I tend to over do it and get really inspired and crochet solidly for weeks and then feel I could never do it again!

Last year I was determined to make shoes, berets and fingerless mittens and I did:

(the black beret was especially lovely, but I left it on the train! So my first project of the season is to make it again)

Then I would like to try making these:

(the Japanese really do come out with the best patterns)

I'd also like to make some tiny colourful baby things for my dear friend whose babe is due soon.

I will surely post my progress on here,
in the meantime happy crochet!


  1. I loved this post. And I hope you make that crochet dress! Adorable!

    Now, when are you coming to tea?

  2. I really love the collar.
    Plenty to share

  3. Thank you for your kind words over at mah little space. :) Hugs!

    You are craft-fully gifted, dear sister! Your handy work shows the love of your art and creativity.

    I hope you make that amazing scarf, and dress! So lovely.

  4. I remember that rainbow triangle! I can't wait until it gets colder so I can wear my wrist warmers. x


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