27 Apr 2010

The feet tell all

So this is how my husband's feet look like when he gets into bed of late:

is evidence that he paints without shoes on,

is a sight that both delights my senses,
and worries my clean-sheet inclinations,

For Alex has been working on his masters in painting for the last year or two, and with his thesis in, his exhibition opens next week! I have had many exclusive previews of his work in various stages of completion and confer it so very worth coming to...

I am so incredibly proud of him,
that it makes up for all the late nights and early mornings he's been leaving me to get things done and finished and framed and painted and written.

The details are:
Tuesday April 27
th - till - Monday May 3rd
Open daily 10am-4pm

The opening night is Wednesday April 28th, 6pm
**come for drinks and homemade canapes**

I remember when Alex fist took me to his studio at art school. It was a Sunday afternoon; we'd been to church in the morning and had eaten soup for lunch at a groovy cafe with a turquoise painted floor - afterwards we exchanged our pen sketches. I was so intrigued and impressed and mesmerised by his "rough doodling"(!) that were dark and twisty and fluid and poetic... I felt mine were poor and paltry in comparison; but he seemed so delighted in looking at them - and hearing my finished picture book. Then on a whim, he asked if I wanted to see his studio (as he had 24-hr access to the building being a masters student) and I said yes! (very keen but trying not to seem to keen)

I remember how excited I felt,
the music playing in the car,
the interiors of cofa that looked like a primary school building,
the paint-splattered floors,

which makes me think again of his feet
how I want to kiss them
and that I don't care about the sheets at all.


  1. I think this is the most perfect post of all time........... paint splattered feet, exchanging sketches, eating soup at groovy cafes.....
    You two are seriously cool people and i think its brilliant to have an artist as a husband.

    Alex's art is so cool and mysterious looking, i love it!

    (guess what im doing right now? Im at my school library attempting to do my art homework and the home bell is about to ring in 5 minutes time and reading this post was just so refreshing and brought a smile to my face;)

  2. Congratulations Alex! (I do hope you read the comments!)

    I love your works especially the horse, the tree and the last one. And would love to be able to come to the exhibition (as Emily wishes too) but from afar, good luck.

    I am sure you will do magnificently.

    And to my dear Emily: loved the reference to your 'clean-sheet inclinations'. :)

  3. wow!!!! loving his work! wish i could visit the exhibition! bit far to come....

  4. I love the tree! Congratulations on the Masters!

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  6. How exciting for both of you. I love to read about the way you love your husband, and about the talents you both possess in abundance.

    The tree tile-painting is glorious. Your dotted sheets made me smile.

  7. You two endearing artists!
    You crawl in with blue-stained fingers and he with his painted feet.
    Hehe. Love it.

    Ah..life and the blessings from above! The joy!

    Indeed his art is capturing.

    Love love love,

  8. Wow, I feel so promoted right now.

    Thanks for the post my love!

    And Alice - I do read all the comments, including yours, thanks! And thanks all you readers for the well-wishes. And for supporting Em's blog!

    Just had assessment and went fine. Free world here I come...!

  9. I wish I lived closer to you so I coud see his work in person! They look brilliant, even if it's just on my dusty laptop screen.

  10. Gosh. I love Alex's work.

    (I have just recently become a -pretty novice- painter myself), so somehow, I am looking at these works with a more inquisitive eye. They're so very thoughtful, beautiful, can't wait to see more some day soon...

    I am loving reading about sheets & paint & feet and your new unfolding maturity, and your absolutely admirable love for your husband.

    I wish I could have been at the opening night of Alex's exhibition - please make my apologies - I saw it pop up in my Facebook events and I was there (I swear) in my heart!


  11. Hey! I heard about you from a woman I met in Parker, AZ as I was riding my horse through from L.A. Your art and photos are just gorgeous! Thanks for the great blog!

  12. I came across in a blogging world and found you... Love your blog.

  13. I LOVE the painting of the tree! And the last painting too. Congratulations to Alex! No wonder you're so proud of him! Wish I could come to opening night x

  14. Beautiful work, your photos. This mosaic art knocks my socks off. Good luck to both of you.

    Peace and continued good things in creativity and in life.


  15. I love his work. If I wasn't the other side of the world I would definitely like to see it in the flesh.

    It's so nice to have a partner who is just as creative as you are. My boyfriend studies 3D design on one of the best courses in the country and I am so proud of what he does too.

    I wish him the best of luck.x

  16. I absolutely love love love this post. You word it so beautifully. And your sentiment is so... perfect. I love it!


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