18 Mar 2010

Scenes from the honeymoon part III

From Nelson to Picton to Wellington (by ferry!)
To say we loved Wellington is an understatement.
A city that is quiet and yet vibrant.
Old and modern.
Homemade and wholesome.
It was a perfect transition from country still to the raging metropolis that we live in.


  1. I have to say, I think that photo number three is the best picture of you making art I've ever seen! I want to see it as your header!

    Loving these pictures, I am so glad to see where you've been, for I know the happiness to where you're going...

    : )

  2. Congratulations on your marriage! The pictures of your honeymoon are beautiful!

  3. My favourites: that fabulous staircase! And the lane way in what looks to be a nursery, of roses!

    I want to go to New Zealand!

    Did you purloin a sheep by off chance?

  4. Hi Monica from Summer Hill! ...if you're reading this.

    Oh, by the way babe, I gave Mon your blog address...

    Still love the one with your fingers writing in your book!

  5. Im very sure that this is the best honeymoon ever!
    The photos make me sight...every single one is beautiful!
    Wow NZ is definitely starting to come up on the imaginary list of places i would love to go to someday.

  6. Shell, thank you dear friend; it may well end up as a header!

    Julie, thank you for the congratulations, being married is positively brilliant.

    Alice, I had to get a photo of that staircase in our "boutique" hotel, there was a very cool old elevator (with a lattice door you pull across) but we still tried to use the stairs as much as possible.

    Pirate husband,
    do you still have the poem I wrote to you?

    Ailin, dearest kindred! Thank you for all your kind comments... New Zealand is a beautiful, dreamy place - the landscape is breathtaking, the people are good humoured and hospitable and the food is all good and fresh!

  7. Theses Images are lovely, the light in the first few is esp beautiful.

  8. congratulations! came across your blog, it's awesome!


  9. Wellington=My favorite inhabited place in NZ. I'm glad to hear you loved it as well, both of you. BEAUTEOUS photos! As usual!!!!!

  10. That is gorgeous, I love that staircase!

  11. So very stunning! Congratulations on your marriage!!!! The photos are absolutely beautiful.

    I am sorry to have been completely distanced lately. Things have been just crazy around here! Just updated my blog after weeks and weeks.

    So very happy for you and your husband! :)


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