17 Mar 2010

Scenes from the honeymoon part II

from Akaroa to Nelson,
and all the sea, and all the sky,
and all the hills surrounding -
and all the driving, and all the talking,
and all words, and all the songs -
from here to there,
and always returning home to my love's arms.


  1. I haven't the words to say...it is all so beautiful. Cheers to you and your new marriage!

    xoxo, cbm

  2. I want to go back to there... With you... Book it in for honeymoon #31.

  3. Oh these photos and the sentiment on your journal are stunning. Simply beautiful.

  4. wow such amazing photography! im gonna follow you just because you have such beautiful photos. :P

  5. Nice pics with attitude...

  6. Ah! You wore your honeymoon dress :)


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