16 Mar 2010

Scenes from the honeymoon part I

In and around Akaroa (and many little trips to Akaloa and back)


  1. all the memories are rushing back... there's no comparison with sitting in a library working on my boring thesis...

    Thanks for the post my love. It's nice to see you included some of my snaps too!

    Love you!

  2. It looks as though it was every bit as dreamy and beautiful as I would have imagined. Shell is right, you look more like a woman now. It looks good on you! =) Thank you for sharing this piece of your life, Emily. It is truly a pleasure skimming through your photos and reading your sweet words. <3

  3. After these pictures I am both tears, and smiles.
    I am hopes, dreams, best wishes.
    I'm smelling fresh bread, fresh love, new words. Different songs, and poems.
    The celebration.
    Of a beginning.
    in short -
    I am gleaming,
    with love for you both.

  4. Beautiful. You look like you are having the perfect honeymoon. Have fun and savour these moments of peace. God bless xx

  5. You certainly did take a lot of photos. So so so very beautiful; they make me quiet they're so lovely.

    But I gasped when I saw those gorgeous turquoise shoes!!!! So pretty!

    Oh so lovely; makes me want to cry.

  6. oooOOooohhh...

    these are positively scrumdillitlyumptios

  7. Simply beautiful with blue hydrangeas as well.

  8. Oh <3, these photos are gorgeous. New Zealand = Yay! :)

  9. Photo 6: I have one just like it, a photo that is, from when I lived in NZ. It might even be the same boat!

    I'm glad you're back.

  10. i've said it before, mrs sims, but MAN you are on HELL of a photographer.

  11. I know I'm biased but it's pretty bloody marvellous isn't it? I love Akaroa. Looks like you had great weather too!

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  13. oh my goodness,,,these photos take my breath away. happy honeymoon!

  14. Stunning, you have been one of the people that has inspired me to blog more. Thanks

  15. loved akaroa...actually we loved all of NZ. such an amazing and diverse country...you make it look as beautiful as it is and more!


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