11 Mar 2010

Our Wedding in Polaroids

Some time in 2007 when "Polaroid" decided to stop making film and everyone went crazy I decided it was my last and only chance to get on the Polaroid boat. I went on ebay; bought a second hand camera and copious amounts of film. I dabbled here and there but only used around half the film I bought. Then it expired (in May 2009). The film was safely stored (in the back of the fridge) and I hoped it would stay good... I had this feeling that the 40-films I had left were meant to be used for something really special. Little did I know that would be my wedding!Our wonderful friend Kat snapped away magnificently - I am so happy with how they've come out. I love the soft hues, blurry edges, flash, fading colours, general quirkiness!

This is our wedding. In polaroids. Which began (as I think ceremonies always should) with a barefooted accordionist processing into the church singing and playing a Bulgarian folk tune:
And included a picnic reception with strings of fairy lights,
paper garlands, and a gypsy band

there was dappled sunshine

and a wee bit of tree-hugging,
drinks had, food eaten, bubbles blown, laughs shared,
and speeches as a baby crawled in the grass,

a spoon or two of nuptial tiramisu!

A day that my heart gave a great flutter
and joined with my dear friend,
and ended with a kiss,
a cheering guard of honour,
and an away into the night.

In short a day that could not have been better in any way.


  1. That last picture is so beautiful.

  2. You make a very handsome couple and I agree with Julie that the last picture is SO beautiful. May you two have a long and happy life together :-) Thanks for sharing your beautiful day.

  3. Oh my word what an amazing keepsake!! I hope you won't mind if I share these on my blog at some point :$ They are brilliant!

  4. Thank you ladies! And yes Desiree, of course you can!

  5. You're right. It could not have been a more perfect day! ...and I recognise that little boy and the girl in the checked dress!

  6. Emily, it looked like it was a beautiful, perfect day. You looked stunning. I wish you all the best.

  7. You two are so adorable! Great pictures!

  8. Just lovely! Congratulations and blessings!

  9. It looks as fun and beautiful as your descriptions were. simple but so filled with precious details.
    You two look perfect together and i loved looking at the photos.The one with you two hugging the tree and the last photo and the ones were your laughing full of joy were my absolute favorite.

    *smile and hug*

  10. ...OH...you took my breath away...YOU are the princess bride...OH!

    ...& CONGRATS!!!

  11. These are beautiful, and i love the idea behind them :)

  12. oh i am so late to see this, but congratulations! what a beautiful wedding. being married is the best ever, i know you will love it!

  13. Oh my, what a gorrrgeous wedding!
    I also love your wedding dress!!

    And congratulations (:

  14. I love, love, LOVE these! Between your dress and 50's-channeled-hair, the polaroids and faded lighting they have the most unbelievably timeless feel; as though I have no idea what era this wedding took place.

    Yes, and you ARE stunning and that pirate of yours is SUCH a catch!

  15. what gorgeous photos. just a beautiful wedding, you were such a stunning bride.


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