21 Mar 2010

Exploits of Miss Mavis I: Inside the Nautical Tranformation Process

Before Miss Mavis's voyage began she had to choose a suitable drink-holding vessel from her cupboard. She narrowed it down to six options:

Each with its own merits; the hot chocolate bowl was round and spacious, the sea-weed soup mug was deep and mysterious, the English breakfast tea cup (& two saucers) was sturdy and reliable, the Turkish tea glass was tall and decorative and the 50s revival spotted set was fun and optimistic.

but it was grandma Nancy's sprigged favourite that Mavis choose. It was older than she was and had a chipped saucer, but it was safe and nostalgic and when you held it up to your ear it made the sounds of waves at the sea.
In order for Mavis to use her Grandma Nancy's sprigged favourite as a sailing vessel it had to go through the

What is the nautical transformation process you may well ask. Well it depends entirely on what is being transformed
- in this case - one Irish-made tea cup and saucer:
A galley was constructed in the body of the cup (see below for detail) and two round windows were fitted into the sides, a straightforward steering system was designed for the handle, wheels were fitted into the bottom of the cup (for mobility on land), a runciple teaspoon would be the mast and detachable sails would catch the wind,
How can a woman possibly sail in a tea cup and live in it for months at sea?
Is a teacup really the place for a woman to be? Let alone Antarctica!
How did she survive storms and turbulent tides?
What do you bring on an adventure like this?

All these questions and more will be answered (by Mavis herself) in the coming weeks!
(every Sunday or Mondayish)


  1. Your imagination and whimsy make me very happy!

  2. This week's poem is sweet! I think Mavis could become a wonderful children's book.

    What is the place for a woman to be?

  3. Just what I need this afternoon to let me smile... I love Miss Mavis!

    You could turn her into a storybook (which you may have already done?) or make her into a series of prints I would buy!

  4. This is genius my friend!
    Did this creative idea of yours emerge from a dream or something?

  5. What a fine tea cup vessel! I cannot wait for the next instalment! A truly glorious idea for a story. ^_^

  6. AK! I love this!

    Sail on Miss Mavis, sail on!

  7. I LOVE this story! I'm excited for the next instalment!


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