14 Mar 2010


This is Miss Mavis.

She is sailing to Antartica for her fourty-seventh birthday
in her sturdy vessel (that was once and probably still is a teacup)

Her feet are damp and she misses her bathtub
and having warm porridge for breakfast,
but it is said that momentarily giving up
comforts is well worth it when you can

see the colour of the ocean change,
the sky widen,
the air thin,

move untrammelled by peak-hour traffic,
and meetings and deadlines and appointments

feel your hair whisper and whirl
with the waves and the wind.

When you are going on an adventure
(for you birthday)

You might get a bit chilly,
and you might have to put on multiple cardigans
made by your great-aunt twice-removed
depicting fauna and flora from the national emblem
or scientific phenomena like DNA strands and water molecules...

but a lot of wonderful things will happen.

NOTE: Miss Mavis will share her travel observations every week on Sunday.


  1. Her description is marvelous. I like the bit about the cardigans especially.

  2. AHHH. Smiles and giggles. You truly are too happy!

    Love you.

  3. wow, your drawings r SO GOOD!

  4. Oh I LOVE this! While I was reading about these adventures I could so easily imagine I was reading a wonderful children's book! And if there are to be more marvellous adventures maybe there will be a book! Oh Emily I want to read the next instalment at once!

  5. ooh i know this is gonna be good! what an interesting adventure.......going to Antarctica for your birthday! I loved those little descriptive details...like her missing her warm porridge in the mornings.

    your too awesome Emily.


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