28 Mar 2010

Exploits of Miss Mavis II: Sound Advice

When packing for adventures Miss Mavis always devises a visual list of the must-haves (which will each come to excellent use at various points in her journey):

and the can-do-withouts:
What would your adventure packing lists include?


  1. Bring on an adventure:

    - leaf tea, a kettle, and a stainless steel thermos
    - Yeats, Tennyson, and Ted Hughes
    - warm socks and hiking boots, tights and bright sweaters
    - a camera
    - chocolate
    - notebooks for drawing and notebooks for writing
    - stamps and envelopes
    - zines to give away for free

  2. Oh yes, a very fine list Lizzy! I especially love your inclusion of a camera, and tea, and chocolate and zines to give away!

  3. -comfy jeans
    -clean, fresh notebooks
    -iPod full of my fav music and Harry Potter audio books
    -my roomie...or a handsome boy!

  4. Ha!




    -Confirmation of arrival and pick-up

    Everything after these are mere details or luxuries.

  5. I Love Miss Mavis so much! Oh I really think it would be a fabulous book!

  6. just lovely!

    every girl must have her shades, a pen & pad, her camera, and of course her favorite outfit either on or packed away!

    ~God BlesS


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