9 Feb 2010


Recently I came across these photos of my great-grandmother Viola; one on her wedding day and one of her portraits. I felt something I can't quite pinpoint when I looked at them - especially thinking about Viola as a bride; her serious expression, the length of her dress and beautifully simple head scarf, her situation in a backyard garden (as one should often be) and that wonderfully haphazard bouquet of flowers - I thought about how she was feeling and wondered whether it is like the anticipation I am feeling now, and of course I thought about her toes...
I wonder what my great-granddaughter will think of my wedding toes.
I hope it is with the same delight,
the same curiosity to know
the way things once were,
and how some things always are.


  1. Hi, Im Dallas......and your blog is like my favorite blog right now! I have been looking and looking for blogs that are down my alley. I LOVE your pen drawings!! I only love to draw with pen. Drop by my blog, let me know what you think. I dont know if your LDS but I totally am. I got the feeling you are religious from your art. Love love love your blog!

  2. I'm sure she's probably looking at you now and smiling. What beautiful photos and how extraordinary for her wedding to seem so simple. I love old photos and these are very lovely. :)

  3. Beautiful photos!! You will be a beautiful bride!! :) Martine

  4. she's so beautiful, and the name! viola....

  5. Oh my that bouquet is stunning! And Viola is gorgeous. Everything about the photo is gorgeous actually, her dress, her fringe, the garden surrounds with the neighbours stained glass behind the wood fence. Beautiful.


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