4 Feb 2010

Rainbows make me happy

(A blog post where I reveal some of the more ridiculous aspects of my personality)

Soooo a few weeks ago I went with my super trendy parents and sister to see Neko Case. She played at the Sydney Recital Hall which is my favourite music venue in town because is so beautiful to sit in. There was no reserved seating so we braved long crowds of well-dressed-twenty-somethings and greying men with vests and glasses of sparkling wine barging for the doors as they opened. We were still able to find seats six or seven rows from the front!

All in all I have to say the concert was a bit disappointing; yes Neko was lovely, really her voice is amazing, and she opened with my favourite Maybe Sparrow, but the mixing was bad... However, my focus throughout the concert was on something completely different; that she was wearing the coolest and most delectable tee-shirt. ever.

exhibit a: Neko and said shirt

This is coming from someone who doesn't generally wear printed tee shirts. I was transfixed, it was a rainbow snake with tiny teeth! It was my inner four year old coming out (the little girl whose favourite colour was rainbow and painstakingly made every picture technicolour) I had to find one! I even penned a little poem that night:

Songs shrill
songs deep
from the mouth of
a rainbow snake
singing myths
or truths I don't know yet -

Red hair that
stays coiled,
fingers that fumble
pockets and hems.

I am held for a while
in the embrace
of a voice
fresh-faced and brassy.

My sister mentioned she'd seen the tee before at this wonderful shop Made590 in Newtown so I trundled off to see if they had it. The conversation went something like this:

shop girl: can I help you with anything?
me: yes, actually you can... do you by chance sell a greyish blue teeshirt with a print of a rainbow snake twisted up on the front with a speech bubble coming out of its mouth and a little raincloud in the corner?
shop girl: ahhhhh
me: you know, because I went to see Neko Case a few weeks ago and she was wearing it and...
shop girl: (looks puzzled) I don't who that is but we definitely did sell that tee shirt. Its by a label called Poketo and we're the only people in Australia who sell their stuff.
me: (excited) do you have any left?
shop girl: not any more, we could order some in for you... or you could visit their website.
And oh did I visit their website. And to my delight found the tee and bought it! I have never been so excited about a piece of clothing arriving in the mail.
I wore it for the first time today because I needed a pick me up and boy did it made me happy. I got all sorts of things done and organised and I know having a twisted rainbow on my torso helped.

There are other promising rainbows in my life at the moment:
such as the key to my new home-to-be,

a Rubik's cube on the kitchen bench

and wedding decorations slowly taking over the dining room table...


  1. We <3 rainbows too! We're so glad you were able to get the t-shirt off our website. Stay tuned, we've got another Neko Case project coming up....

    Your blog is super cute!


  2. it's magical what a great new tee can do for the spirit!
    (and mail for that matter)
    love the color.

  3. Neko looks exactly how I imagined her. Funny how some people look the way they sound.

    Or maybe I have a dose of Synesthesia...

    Love you, and that rascally shirt!

  4. Ah! This is so cute ^_^ I love these little insights into your life, as stalkeresque as that may sound!

  5. That is so funny! That shirt is so full of rainbow snake happiness! Its so great you got one! :) Martine

  6. That is so cool for so many reasons...

  7. I love this post!
    That teeshirt is awesome! a twisted rainbow? oooh yes!
    Haha i love what you got out of that concert, a super cool shirt!

    oh and i must say i really love that poem too!

  8. they make me happy tooooo! you look every bit as darling and RADIANT as our sassy friend Neko does and uber hip parents?! that is soo very fun and cool that they enjoy her as well.

    warm wishes in colours of sapphire blue and amythyst being flown your way as you prepare for the happiest party ever.....

  9. that shirt looks sooo cool! ^.^
    and the rainbow key is awesome.
    im inspired with rainbows :)

  10. hi emily, just found you randomly by using next blog...new to blogger...bad at using it, but wish to say your poetry is amazing and sophisticated for one so young...i too love l'engle and merton...wishing you well


  11. I adore this story. And I really adore spotting something that someone is wearing every now and then - though I don't like to look like anyone else! - and from then embarking on a quest to find it! We need to shop together soon!

    And incidentally, rainbows make me happy too!


  12. Don't you love it when you find the perfect piece of clothing! Love the cut of the t-shirt too. And how cool that Poketo commented on your blog! Good luck with the wedding decorations! Oh and I love your new banner too!

  13. Rainbow snakes are kickin'

    And you look good in technicolor!


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