10 Feb 2010

Ever Growing

Hello fellow green-thumbs,
You may remember me introducing my soon to be garden I'll be sharing with my groom and our wonderful housemate. I thought I would give you a few updates on how its faring through all the crazy Sydney weather we've been having (torrents of rain and days of punishing heat)
The marigolds we planted for edging (to deter pests and attract bees) are going to crazy guns, as are the nasturims and the violets...
(this is my favourite patch)
we've harvested zucchinis and our best plant is still flowering
the great chili bush has come back in full force
the oak lettuces which Alex tended to as seeds are ready for foraging
a gazillion eggplants are growing

Felicity's strawberries are multiplying

And my little barby is hanging in there; its amazing to think of how tiny and frail she once was,

even the out-of-date carrot seeds have come up! Truly there is something fantastical happening in this garden. It must have pretty wonderful tenders...

The more I spend in this spot of greenery
the more I fall in love with it,
much like I feel with my groom...


  1. Gardens are the stuff dreams are made of. I'm so happy that you get to enjoy your garden and are able to cherish the fruits of your labor. For the winter, I recommend kale. That stuff is both incredibly hardy and delicious!

  2. I am right there with such thoughts, experiences and growth of plants, and food and love.

  3. thank you, thank you, thank you. Here in the uppermost regions of the Northern Hemisphere, very little is braving the chilly weather and I'm having serious withdrawal from greenery! You've given me my fix and lifted my spirits, can't wait for this Year's Growing Season! Thank Goodness February is a short month.... xxxxx

  4. Those chillies look spectacular! We had a little chilli bush a few years ago that grew wonderfully. Chillies are great for drying; just tie some ribbon round the tops and knot them all together in a chain!


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