15 Jan 2010


That are lovely
at the moment:

quince honey on toast for breakfast

planning flowers for the nuptials

dyeing a stained lime cardigan blue and the beautiful clovery green result

a new pattern in the mail
(for a dress named after my favourite tea)

eating this delicious stuff

and bringing home a loaf of sourdough and a stack of leaves
(for a special dinner)

H a p p y F r i d a y!


  1. A special dinner eh? I have an idea what this may be.

  2. I also Adore (with a capital a I hope you noticed!) that cardigan and those little hydrangeas. So glorious!

  3. Oh golly!

    I love this post - I'm putting the kettle on now, and smiling - that you have made me smile again with your pictures, words, heart, life, mind and soul.

    Hope to see you again soon.


  4. Lovely images! Also, I'm now very curious about this 'special dinner' <3

  5. I love the cardi, it's making me want to dye something so bad! What a great colour it turned out. And hydrangeas would be such lovely wedding flowers and so you x x

  6. That dress will look great on you, but, ummm... what doesn't? =)

  7. Oh these 'things' are just the best!
    All those colours.......mmmm yes.

    Me too, me too! im curious about the special dinner too!

    Oh and can you even beat fresh bread!?

  8. You, my friend, have such an eye for the simplest beauty, the things that need no spark or shine but are so honestly beautiful just within themselves.

  9. It's great that our dyeing worked out well. You never know what colour you'll get (even with black!) but somehow that makes it more fun.


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