23 Jan 2010

Surprises and Embraces

When Alex and I had only been dating a few weeks we went off to an exhibition where an artist couple were selling their paintings and prints to raise money for their organisation "Urban Neighbours of Hope". I fell in love with a series of etch prints and found it so hard to decide which one I would buy (I only had the money for one), Alex too chanced upon these prints and decided to buy one - the other one - I had my eye on. At the time I wasn't the least bit worried or envious, after all this handsome artist friend* of mine had good taste, and... I did have this little thought; they will hang together one day.
I didn't say it out loud,
I just thought it.
Somehow, I just knew it.
A couple of days ago Alex said he had a surprise for me and handed me a bag; inside I found our two prints wrapped up; he had made frames for them with his own two hands. I could go on about how beautiful his joins are (!) but I'll keep it at telling you what a beautiful surprise they were.
And how joyful I am,
and secretly smug,
knowing they will indeed hang together.


  1. Oh gosh, this is about a hundred kinds of beautiful.
    What a catch -- the boy & the art!

  2. The frames (and the prints) are gorgeous. I know that 'knowing feeling' well. Only a couple of weeks after my husband and I met, I didn't have any problem telling my family that he was 'the one'. I just knew, and we were married less than a year later. We're going on our 4th year next month. =)
    Your wedding day is coming up so fast! I'm so excited!

  3. Regarding a handful of previous posts:
    Every time I see your toes, I smile.

    Love those frame and those prints and a fellow who is handy with his hands.


  4. What a grand story! It sounds as though you two have been best of friends from the beginning. Which is so lovely to see. May it always be this happy.

  5. That framing is amazing! Wow!

  6. AHHH thats awesome!
    I loved this story and i love this love!

    I hope these two beautiful prints hang out together for the rest of time.

  7. Nice.

    I'd make a better comment but I must rush off and frame something else... with... bows.


  8. I know that brown really goes with everything. :) Nice choice!

  9. a little romance goes a long way :)
    plus, hand crafted frames...yowza!

  10. How beautiful! So happy for you both :).

  11. What a beautiful story, I guess fate knew all along... ;)

  12. how unspeakably beautiful.

    (ironically, my word verification is "nochasm" - celebrating with you the fact that soon (and even now) there will be no chasm indeed between you and your love.)


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