10 Jan 2010

Outdoors with my friend

Last week I went out to the little town of Mudgee
(of honey and wine fame)
to stay with my dear friend Alice.
Our week together was joyous;
I am still soaking in the sunshine
of long summer days spent,
and the new memories
we made
of that place,
indoors and out;
She took me out to her family's farm;
to feed the hungry calves,
step inside the cottage her Grandfather built with his hands,
feel the heat and sway of old gums,
finding surprises like bees on thistle,
and a swallowed horse shoe
I thought how lucky we were -
to be part of our great land
We rode bicycles,
and traded second languages
(me Arabic, she French)
We pondered cloud formations,
welcomed afternoon thunderstorms,
and in evening dark,
stepped out for the stars...
We ventured in the garden
and oh what delights we found...

We stopped by the river
to watch waterlilies opening
and the quivering silver-leaved trees,

All as we caught up on the months past -
we remembered, dreamed
and contemplated.
It was a special time
to be alive,
to be outside
with my dear friend.


  1. photos so...lovely to look at...thoughts so...beautiful to read...

  2. these pictures were exactly what I needed to look at this morning. Here it is cold and grey...too cold to go out for a walk with the babe.
    You have definitely savoured the day- such beautiful pictures. Looks like you and your friend had a lovely countryside visit.

  3. Ahhh! Emily... We really did do a lot didn't we. And you've catalogued it so beautifully...

    Our friendship makes my heart sing...

  4. hey emily, im one of alices friends. i just wanted to say that, well you made our little town seem so beautiful and alice so happy. it is fabulous. keep writing.



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