11 Feb 2010

Ancient Circling

Alex and I are having our honeymoon in New Zealand.
We are leaving the morning after the wedding and I am so excited about crossing the Tasman sea to meet the shores and skies I loved so well with the man I love so well.

These little sketchy fragments are from a journal I kept four years ago on a family holiday to the south island...


  1. Mmm, that first one is really getting me tonight -- just lovely.

  2. beautiful looking blog - your sketches are fantastic. Cheers!

  3. here's to honeymoons in new zealand...

  4. wow, yoo is good at sketching. I wish I had that talint. I maek a good karrit soup, tho. my jannie lieks my cooking.

    yor new frend, blue bunny.

  5. I think some of your best work is the 'free-er' more spontaneous stuff. How is it that you get that ever so slight watercolour effect?

  6. Its beautiful how you capture a scenery with just a blue pen.
    A honeymoon in NZ.....wow!

    Oh and by the way that garden is looking fabulously beautiful my sweet friend!


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