27 Dec 2009

And ode to December 25th

So after all that
of a hot sticky Christmas day -
it was actually refreshingly cool.
It was overcast, rainy,
and by the evening; cold.
I loved it.

And though it was a
great blessing and indulgence
to have a feast
lovingly prepared by my 19-year-old little sister
and a moomin gingerbread house
made by my 25-year old older sister -
this year felt particularly special and sacred.

To be so close to my kin,
to have my groom and his family close,
to meditate on its meaning -
its implications for the rest of time.
Last year something wasn't quite right,
(that despite the lights
I was faraway in soul and body)
and is now restored,
As it should be.
I feel thanks and blessing are an understatement.

And that my feelings are summed up in the final stanza of Hopkin's The Woodlark:

Through the velvety wind V-winged
To the nest’s nook I balance and buoy
With a sweet joy of a sweet joy,
Sweet, of a sweet, of a sweet joy
Of a sweet—a sweet—sweet—joy.’


  1. I also felt a bit off last year. Thankfully this year I was feeling much better about life, and myself, and was able to have one of the best Christmas' ever. Glad to hear that good thing are coming your way too.

  2. This is precious.

    I feel you've invited me in for a spell on your Christmas day with this post.

    I have loved you through the journey which has been this past year - prayed and been near in my heart. And I cannot express what a beautiful ending to a chapter this seems... Though I hasten to add, and think we all can see, it is more of a joyful beginning.

  3. Thankyou for so thoughtfully sharing your innermost thoughts and hopes with us. I feel blessed, honoured and delighted to know you.

    May 2010 hold more joy than you can imagine, more blessings that you have dreamed of and good friends to share them all with.

    As Shell said, a joyful new beginning....

  4. That is sweet as sweet as sweet can be, my sweet-souled friend.
    I hope that next year is even more sweeter and that, this new beginning is the greatest adventure for you, it certainly feels and seems that way.

    Once again, i am indescribably happy to know you.

  5. Oh and that gingerbread house is Soooooo awesome and yummy looking!

  6. Wow, all this food looks delicious!! And the little house is such a pasterpiece.


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