7 Dec 2009

Soothing Season

Hey December,
How did you creep up so fast? I mean has it really been twelve whole months since you last came around? I'm sure it hasn't... it certainly has not felt like it - and yet so much has happened in between. I want to stop and tell you all about it -
but the days are spinning off,
and I can't seem to slow you down.

I am trying anyway,
trying to pause -
soak you in,
I am watching the trees change,
the festive flowers come out -
preparing the advent candles;
which you know is my favourite tradition -
for moments to stop and make a light of joy, hope, peace, love...

and remember what this season is about;
and that is not meant to be the silly season, or the stressful season or the season that shouts from the every street corner and television of the need to accumulate more things, and to define our worth as such. Please don't get me wrong; I believe in gift-giving, in blessing those around us; our dear loves, and the dear unloveds in our community.

I just need a little time to remind myself that it is okay to slow down, it is okay to sit for a whole 45 minutes in the garden dressed in green and contemplate the beautiful vine shrouding the fence. (How have I never worn green before?) That while it is wonderful to run markets, encourage creative pursuits, to be working, to try to make all my gifts by hand and loose a bit (or a lot) of sleep in the process... it is important to simplify sometimes, it is good to rest. And every so often to sleep in, listen to the morning birds, and start reading a book before even stepping out of bed.

So December, even as you fly past at the speed of light, I will not let you get the best of me. Here's to a different, soul-soothing season.


  1. "it is good to rest"

    Ah miss, said so simply. Yet another phrase I need emblazoned across my walls. I believe in that kind of holiday too.

    By the way, never wearing green? How can that be so?You look positively lovely in it!!

  2. so true...sit...rest...breathe...listen to the birdsong and enjoy this special time!

  3. Thats what its all about dearest Emily! but somehow everyone has just forgotten that............

    I'm amazed that you've never worn green! You seriously need to wear more of it, especially now that its Christmas time!

  4. So true friend.

    I needed your words just now that you have said them. I too struggle to slow down often. Especially this December, which is going by so fast...

    Lets go and sit together in a garden soon for 45 mins (or even more!)

    And how have you never wore green before..?

  5. Beautiful thoughts. You ofgten know just how to capture what is in my mind much better than I can myself. The BEST of the Christmas season to you.

  6. If your fabulous wreath goes missing in the night, it's because I stole it! Consider yourself warned!


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