3 Dec 2009

my garden to be

When Alex and I decided to get married we hadn't even begun looking for a place to live when a dear and lovely friend called up and suggested we rent with her in her awesome one-story terrace. It has a fireplace.... And and it is short train or bus trip to the city, a bike ride to university and some of the best bakeries in Sydney! Alex moved in last month - and I will after we get married (in 78 days). I can't tell you how excited I am - it is a beautiful home - and we'll be living with the best company. It also has a terrace garden; which we have been transforming in the past weeks.
It already had a some well-established bushes; of lavender, chillies, and an ever-flowering rose
So we planted zucchinis, which are now flowering
snow peas and green beans
cherry and grape tomatoes
and yes, of course some rhubarb
We've also put in a lemon tree, capsicums, eggplant, nasturtiums, marigolds, jasmine, violets, mint and geraniums...
I have always wanted to tend to a garden in which vegetables and flowers grow and tangle side by side. However where I live at the moment there are SO many trees its been impossible to grow anything that requires sunlight. So being able to watch things grow in my garden to be has been a very very joyful experience. There is also a little shady nook around the the back of the house. It is home to the bins and compost at the moment; but I love its green foliage and ivy fence.
That and watching Alex tend to the plants - I have never seen anyone take to gardening quite like he has - its adorable and manly and wonderful. How he waters and prunes and plants and gathers. Sigh. And still has time to give me kisses.
Yes. I am loving every minute in this garden.


  1. such a great post ;) but, i'm still waiting for the post explaining how you two met and such...such a lovely couple!
    can't wait to see pics of the wedding!!!

  2. Your new home sounds divine. And, I love how your husband to be is taking to his garden and to tending his love for you. So lovely. God bless you both on your upcoming wedding.

  3. such a beautiful garden - very inspiring!! Love it! Your new house to be soon sounds wonderful!

  4. I am incredibly happy to say that I think I know just how you feel. This is a lovely, lovely post.

  5. I can't wait to see this new home of yours! It truly is a magnificent thing to be able to have a little Oasis in the city; it's just like your drawing.

    And might I just say that last photo of you is gorgeous! Not only yourself and Alex but that dress!

  6. I pollinated our first female zucch this morning. With a brush. Awwwwww, it's a gonna be a biggin.


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