8 Dec 2009

More Moomin Love

I am smiling with glee,
and my toes are dancing
because this arrived in the mail:
A well-loved library edition of "Comet in Moominland" - a moomin book I have never read (and that hadn't been checked out since 1986, for shame!). I've only just started it but I can tell its going to be good; what with cosmic happenings and adventures on stilts (I need to get me some of those). A entire day to sit and read about the moomins with iced tea is all I need for Christmas.
And maybe a moomin gingerbread house like this one from the amazingly talented Dagmar.


  1. Old books are so good looking, especially ones that you've always loved.
    That gingerbread house is super awesome! I'm thinking of making one, but i think the walls will just collapse....

  2. I want to make this house for Christmas!!

  3. Oh Lucinda, you should! You should!

  4. That is so cute -- and tasty looking!

  5. I am reminded of how much I want to bake gingerbread, now that exams are nearly finished.


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