4 Dec 2009

Friday Doings

Hey ho! Happy Friday friends,
What have you been doing? I have been busing preparing for the markets tomorrow. With the help of two dear friends Natalie (on the stereo) and Rooibos (in my mug):
I have baked 70 gingerbread figures (men, doves, trees, and 2 hearts) and made tags for them
Cut and packaged festive lino print tags
Finished off some more soft and lovely tote bags featuring my illustrated cotton, Japanese linen, AND babushkas as always!
I am especially proud of this tote who I've named "quilty" - she was an experiment - and has a hand-sewn quilt panel of Japanese linens, denim and cotton on the front.
Got into my abundant pile of yoyos to make three cute as a button headbands

And finally worked out how to make embroidery hoop wall hangings. The househeads, Tudor roses and birds are all my original cotton prints, and the babushkas are a lovely Japanese linen.

I've also made prints of some of my more recent sketches; including Mr Plume, Blue Hortensie, and the Three Magnolias.

I think this is the most productive Friday I've had in a long time. Or possibly ever. And I'm not complaining; I don't feel worn our or tired. I don't feel stressed about the market or about no-one turning up (which has been a recurring fear).
I feel happy.
And so blessed to be making things today.

And if you happen to be in Sydney tomorrow and don't have anything to do please drop by our little inner-west market - Because those gingerbread men will not last long!


  1. Oh Emily, Im so excited for you and your new, amazing-sounding life!
    How wonderful everything is turning out!

    I cant wait to one day be as inlove as you are! :)

    All these things you have made are beautiful. YAY for handmade and productive days. Its so cool that you now get to sell your lovely creations in markets! But you know what? i cant make it tomorrow but oh how i wish!! :( I promise you and myself that one day i will come and see you!! I will!

    got to love long comments! I hope you have the best of time tomorrow selling handmade beauties! My mind will be with you, thats for sure!

  2. I want your prints!!!!!

    Although I'm sure they'll be good at the market as well. :( :P

    Good luck with everything tomorrow! I'm sure it'll be wonderful.

  3. P.S. I loooooove your patchwork tote! Just as much, if not more than I love all your bags.


  4. Oh, wow! Goodness me! I am so inspired and impressed by your busyness and cleverness! I wish I could be there tomorrow - your creations are amazing and I know what you mean about being full of passion and energy when doing a days creating. All the best to you, my clever, spiritual friend.

  5. I would love to pop on over into Sydney for a few hours! I would snap up some gingerbread men and deviantly nibble their little heads off while strolling though your marketplace of joy.

  6. Oh gosh I love those embroidery hoops! You should put some with your lovely fabric in your etsy shop!

    (Oh, did I tell you I finally opened a shop?? So happy!)


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