16 Dec 2009

December Reds

Making cold fresh gazpacho for dinner; oh I if I could eat it for every meal of every day/ More festive printing this time of snowflakes, happy birds, and pensive owls / Crafting Christmas gifts of house shoes, beach bags and these wooden earrings (a little present for me) /Using red ric rac on anything and ever thing I can - how awesome is ric rac! I think I might try embellishing tops and skirts, hmmm.... for a Christmas ric rac outfit methinks?

Happy December red friends!


  1. The earrings are stunning - could I convince you to sell me a pair? The rest of your preparations cheer me immensely. I spent yesterday evening hanging origami stars on a tiny potted spruce tree, but I was saddened and disappointed that my fiance could not appreciate its loveliness. Enjoy making things, and delighting in the things you've made.

  2. Red is totally December's color!
    Hope your having a fabulous and cheery December love!

  3. Sounds as though you've had a very productive December thus far! I've been making little red 3D origami stars! So cute!

  4. oh wow -- love the colour!
    and gosh, you're SO talented!!


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