7 Nov 2009

A walk along Short Street, Paddington

A stone's throw away from Alex's collage
is a neighbourhood in the heart of the city.
I often find myself there - for the joy it brings!
Its roads have become footpaths,
and has been slowly and lovingly transformed 
(with paint and pot plants) 
into a leafy oasis -
Oh how happily I would live there;
I would bring potted hydrangeas and jasmine and lemon trees,
leave messages in chalk for the children,
and paint our door red.


  1. What a beautiful place to walk... so lovely.

  2. And to think I prefer the country over the city. What a beautiful place to live. Although I'll still take the country most days:p

  3. I miss paddington, isn't it glorious?

  4. Thank you ladies!

    Alice, I prefer the country too - but there is something so beautiful and invigorating about garden and greenery in amongst urban sprawl and concrete.

    And Kerrie - it surely is... for its tiny terraces, book shops, galleries, and fig-tree lined streets.

  5. Emily -

    I alluded to it in the letter I sent [I hope it arrived for you], but I am thrilled to be able to add my happy news to yours and tell you that I am engaged.

    This post is lovely. It is full of the innocent delight I have been forgetting to take with the cold weather here and the stress of college.

  6. What would the city be like without these beautiful places with so many flowers and plants? Ugly, thats what!

    For a second you would think its photos of a European town in the countryside or something!

    If you buy a house there, i will convince the person living next to you to move out so i could buy it :)

  7. Just across the way from the art college. We could all move in and start a rival creative arts center.

    We would win though...

  8. ms emily - my hubby and i are going to be in sydney in the middle/end of march this coming year on our way home from our (belated) honeymooon in new zealand. do you have suggestions on places to visit when you only have a few days? we're really looking forward to packing whatever we can into that little bubble of time, so let me know what you think is worthwhile!
    this little neighbourhood looks SO enticing...i hope there's a quaint little cafe in there somewhere ;)

  9. Dear Mrs Jordan! I have written you an email in response to your happy news but can't find an email of yours to send it too - mine's eburtt@gmail.com - shoot me a line so that I can send it in reply to you :)

  10. This is funny : it's the second time this week I see photographs of that place I never heard about before ...

    It looks dreamy ! And reminds me of the new-Orleans French Quarter (that I would love to visit one day).

    Best from Paris,
    x x x


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