9 Nov 2009


After 10 months and a couple of days I have finished my very first quilt: Serendipity. This would not have been possible without the tender love, help and guidance of dear Alice. She believed in my crazy arrangement of fabric when nobody else would; helped me with the initial sewing, and when she came to stay with me back in July she helped me get a good start on the quilting (down the right-side very neatly I might add).

Making this quilt has been a whirlwind experience.
My life has taken dramatic twists and turns since I first began cutting squares and birds and triangles.
I let it lie dormant for months and months in a big bag under my bed because I couldn't face finishing it just yet. I have unfolded it and laid it out on the front lawn in various stages of completion, and felt inspired and reinspired.
I have taught myself to quilt, and pricked many fingers.
I have learnt to wear a silver thimble and love it.
I have noticed colours and details in fabrics I had never seen before.

Serendipity has seen me become more comfortable with myself;
seen me become more of myself.
It has held my anger, tears, sweat
and sweet and simple joy.

It is a patchwork of my favourite cottons,
of some belonging to others,
fragments of clothes -
and of memories.

And I know when the time comes to use it
(Time soon when I will have a double bed instead of single)
I will close my eyes
gently run my fingers along the seams
in the quiet hours of the night
remember its history past,
and imagine its history to come.

Sigh. Serendipity: Happy chance.


  1. It is so beautiful! And to think of what it started out as and the mess we made in the lounge room and having to clean it up before we were found out! The birds are stunning and I adore the border.

    May you have many happy nights beneath this beauty!

  2. This is so great! I love it!

  3. Thank you dear Alice, it will make me think of you every time I do.

    And Thank you Kerri, always!

  4. your quilt is gorgeous!!! you've got quite the eye for fabric combinations. i'm in the process of learning to make my first. i had no idea how much time you can spend cutting fabric!

  5. I heart quilts.. my favorite one heavy, very coarse and made of delicious scratchy grey, brownm and blue wool.

    Well done EB!

  6. How wonderful, 10 months! It looks so perfectly you.

    I just saw that you had a website and it's AWESOME! How did I miss that?

    (btw, if there is a nuptial celebration coming up any time soon here, you must give us americans time to save for the trip!!!!!!!)

  7. Oh, gorgeous! I always wanted to make a quilt. Perhaps one day. Seeing quilts like yours always makes me want to start my own!

  8. bring all the 'Americans' to the wedding.

    And the double bed might arrive sooner than we think... We'll have to wait ant see. I'm going to have to start logging all your surprises just to keep tabs on making them all happen!

    The quilt is amazing my dear. Even more so in the real.

    Lots of Love.

  9. I love your account of this, I love the trials it has seen, the warmth it has felt, the words it has heard, but most of all, that you are so aware of it. It is an heirloom already, even before it's first birthday.

  10. Wow! Is your quilt really done? Why haven't I seen it yet?

  11. oh my! this quilt is such a delight! what a beauty and inspiration...great job on your first. i adore reading your posts. xoxo-alisha


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