6 Nov 2009

Scenes from the studio

My favourite thing to do on Friday is to visit Alex in his studio space.
You never know what you will find.
Sometimes we make tea in plastic mugs,
or we might wander across the road to the cafe next to the bicycle shop
and sip tea among old books.
Sometimes I poke my head out the window and look at little dogs running around fig trees across the road,
Sometimes we go exploring,
to see what other people are up to
like hair sculptures suspended from the ceiling (its true)
Sometimes I sit on my stool
and sketch onto a drop sheet
as we talk about life,
or I gaze at the work of his hands -
tiny hidden things,
layers, colours, words, papers,
I see them all and I love it.

And sometimes I think about what we'll create together one day,
and it warms my bones.


  1. Oh Emily! I seriously cant describe how beautiful this is!

    creativity + love = Umm i dont know what word to use..maybe perfection?

    I love seeing photos of people's art studios with paint and all these bits & bobs everywhere, its inspiring.

  2. LIKE BABIES?!!!

    Em and Alex,
    Sitting in a tree....

  3. I second the babies notion ;)


  4. I didn't even know he was an ARTIST! Oh and now I SO wish I had send him a paint tube of Raw Umber!!!

  5. I might third the babies comment...

    But not right away.


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