22 Nov 2009

Q never felt so good

Late last week I received my swap package from the lovely bright-eyed Michelle. We had the letter Q. Her collection of Q things was astouding and glorious to unwrap;

A giant paper mache Q, a Q-shaped branch (with leaves and berry BERRY still attatched!), a quivering aspen button, quinoa and recipe, quartz, a quaint blue vase (that is now housing gardenias so perfectly), quilt swatches, quince face cream, a quartet of dark Belgian chocolate blocks (with poems inside), plus lots of other wonderful things.

I feel completely spoilt. Thank you sweet partner. And I hope you like my Q-package just as much!

And to all who participated in the swap: Thank you for being such fun. Please don't forget to post photos of your package in our flickr page. Till next year!


  1. OH oh oh I am so Quintessentially HAPPY you received your Q parcel, I was so very behind schedule but WOWWW it came fast so....I have not yet opened my gorgeous box o goods(which arrived thursday can you believe I waited! not easy)from my special hazel-eyed Aussiepal(that would be YOU)so here goes, how exciting! we will talk later after the unwrapping and fabuphoto shoot(although it is incredibly grey here) .....M

  2. I SO have to participate next year !
    This is the best swap theme I've ever heard of !
    And your swapper had very poetic ideas ...
    Quills, Q shaped branch, Quartz ... and even Quinoa !

    I love the wrappings to !
    Yes, I will definitely have to participate next year !

    Best from Paris,
    x x x


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