2 Nov 2009

October Passing

Let me tell you how the end of October went -
as all weekends do these days,
(like a flashes of lightning)

The taste of peppery chai,
and the sunshine of spring against our cheeks.

The smell of star jasmine,
gardenias, lavender -
Of paint,
and the flutter of excitement in my stomach
upon seeing new work by my Love.

The waiting for buses,
beanbag beans,
and the serendipity of missing our stop
only to find treasures by the side of the road
(violets and an old art trunk)

Fostering. Artistic. Creations?
Feeling. Amazingly. Crafty?

The late night discussions,
and moving of boxes -
to the soundtrack of monsters of folk
and of new days

The joy in other's joy
of declaration and commitment
in the Father's house,
(adorned with real citrus trees)

The joy in our art,
in friendships,
in family by blood and faith,
in the month that has passed,
in the months to come -

In that which binds us -
strong as lightning in the night,


  1. You never fail to write about the most important and beautiful things in life and make me sigh filled with positivity............
    What a beautiful month it was then!

    I know where that chai is from!Corelli's right? You were right, they do have the best chai!

    Art, love, chai, beautiful moments what more could you ask for?

    How did you go with the heat today? It was pretty much like a heater outside!

  2. Mmmm more chai love -- as soon as I saw that first photo in my google reader I thought to myself "I bet that's chai!" <3

  3. Where be that beautiful red room?


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