3 Nov 2009

Mr Jacaranda

Exactly two years ago
I posted about the purple rain
that comes this time of year -
Showering down on grass,
tarmac, and rooftops.

Of a certain old tree nearby,
who speaks in whispers
of Spring, and Exams
and Walking Barefoot.

With your purple between my toes
I try to remember who I was two years ago:
the thoughts I had,
and the dreams I carried in my heart
as I stepped under your branches -

I know that for all my wild imaginings,
If you told me where I would be now
I would never have believed it

and I am glad of that.


  1. Always think about where you are, in relation to where you've been... If we were to stop considering our spiritual status - then we would cease to grow.

    Blessings to you dear friend for hearing the small still voice in your heart, which is He who lives in you.

  2. *Sigh* I have no words, only feelings :-)

  3. They are beautiful, they are everywhere, they are little splashes of colour in random places.

    I love them and i love you.

  4. Oh this is one of the things I most loved about Sydney. There are none where I live now, it's too cold and I miss them. Love your words as always x x


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