13 Nov 2009

As of 12.00pm yesterday (when I submitted my speaking exam for Arabic) I officially began my summer holidays! Till March, March I tell you!

And what, you may ask, did I do to celebrate the occasion? Well I decided to tidy the shrapnel of notes that was carpeting my floor... and managed to sort the pile you see above which is the accumulation of notes, readings and essay drafts from the last three years! All to be pulped in the recycling mill and turn into... new paper? recycled toilet paper? I like that one day I might be using my old essays on my... Well Anyway I did some sorting. And I had a very colouful and delicious lunch. I baked a raspberry clafoutis. I wore my dancing ruffle skirt, and my red ruffly top. I met up with my Love and we had a wonderful dinner with friends.

I don't think I've ever felt more ready for these holidays,
and oh all the things I've got planned. Which you'll be hearing about soon.

Have a brilliant, fantastical, damn-right relaxing weekend!


  1. I'm happy, and proud of you dear friend!

  2. Your happiness helps me to smile.

    I love your joy, its contagious.
    Oh and that comment about your essays........ cracked me up! I think that would be the most perfect use!

    That lunch looks perfect for this kind of event because of all those colours!

    So do you go back in March or is it TOTALLY finished?

    Well have the BESTEST time celebrating!

  4. I bet you did fantastic on that exam!

    (Also -- you look SO HAPPY in those last shots!)

  5. You are adorable! I love your recycling thoughts! I'm so jealous of all your time off. I know you will dive into it :)

  6. Congratulations!!Well done...enjoy your break, holidays and all the wonderful things you have planned for the next few months:)
    Love Martine

  7. YAYYYY!!!!

    I liked to use my class notes to make bonfires upon which I would roast marshmallows...but recycling is cool too.


    Way to go, little bluebird.

  8. CONGRATULATIONS! I hope you could hear that shout across the great Pacific Ocean :-) You sound so excited I can feel all the way over here. I wish you a wonderful, wonderful holiday.

  9. That's a lot of paper cranes waiting to be born!

    p.s. as I type this, a sleepy little white bird carrying her lovely yellow bird inside is perched right on my windowsill. It's a little bit of you residing right here by me.


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