11 Nov 2009

Afternoon Thoughts

As I was walking to the postal box with many cards bound for the Northern hemisphere,
And then as I was walking home past a tiny streak of blue on bark that I'd never seemed to notice. I was glad I brought my camera with me to snap up its leathery skin,
As I passed the the cornflowers growing wild through iron fence. And felt them soft and papery against my cheeks,
And sitting outside as the sun gets low with a mug of seaweed tea. Reading, *trying to read* Arabic poetry in preparation for tomorrow's big exam - my final exam for the year. Reading:
الطيور في الأشجارة , نجمة, فراشة, حلم بلا نهاية
A bird in the tree, is a star, a butterfly, a dream without end...

I felt a little flutter,
a prickle of sunshine on my soul...

To know that there is colour. That we have eyes to see it.
That there are so many many things to learn about our world, and its people...
That we have minds to learn it.
We have mouths to speak and ears to listen.
That we have hearts
to feel, and love, and know -
That there is some crazy design to it all
and it is beautiful.


  1. Such beautiful poetry! Bon chance avec votre test!

  2. Your thoughts are similar to ones i have been having recently, its all too amazing!

    Ive been thinking about how awesomely detailed and intricately designed our bodies are! Its all too overwhelming, all these amazing things that have been created.

    I wish you the best of luck with your FINAL exam! YAY to having final exams and getting them over and done with!

  3. You must bring some of that beautiful poetry up here to Mudgee!

  4. Loved your post. Good luck with your exam!

  5. I had you arrive in the mail yesterday.
    A pinch of alabaster skin.
    A kind smile.
    Warming me up in the crisp November air.

    PS By now you've most certainly hog-tied that exam. Rah rah!!! (so strange how, no matter what, I always sound like the wild west, even if it's just a pinch...)

  6. i used to LOVE the feeling of the day before the last exam...that nervous excited flutter thinking about the fact that there's ONLY ONE LEFT!!! i miss school in a way, but i tell ya, after 7 years of university i was ready to be done. and make some money like a useful adult ;). you're lovely, by the way, but i know you know i think this ;)


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