26 Oct 2009

When I am feeling floristy

the loveliest flowers
(to me)
are found
in our garden,
and hanging gloriously,
free and triumphant -
over fences and footpaths
in my neighbourhood...


  1. With flowers like that, AGREED! Smiles

    Love to you Emily.

  2. They are the very best - I'm planning on forest floor bouquets and boutonnières and headdresses and skirts (for when I get all "Eve in the woods").

  3. You look like a very beautiful fairy with that ivy!

  4. Those are seriously the best kinds of flowers! not those ridiculously expensive ones they sell at supermarkets! Why pay like $30 when you can make your own, even more attractive ones!?

    I think Flowers and you go well together.

  5. I trained as a florist a few years back and this bunch looks pretty damn perfect to me! There's something so lovely and whimsical about them in your hair too x

  6. what a lovely and wild fairy princess you make, darling girl...

    p.s. I made your oh-so-chocolate-y cookies(with fresh goats milk butter, what do you think of that?) and they were tasty in every way imaginable!


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