22 Oct 2009

Eye Exercises

I spy with my brown eyes:

Something beginning with "C" hanging from the roof, two plastic pineapples, an old motorcycle helmet, a yellow "x", one very handsome man, three old hand bags, a blue votive, a red fan, a blue fan, two very cool old tellies, a twisty glass vase, a red paper lantern, a blue-robed white-haired Jesus, a big round mirror...

Tell me, what do you spy?


  1. I can see the reflection in the mirror of the lampshade hanging from the ceiling - in the main photo it looks red, but in the mirror it is white and red and green.

  2. did you say the twin cream chairs? well them as well ;)

  3. My goodness! Where is this place?

  4. well... the 'c' would have to stand for chairs. As in Many chairs. As in so many chairs I have no idea how they could get that many chairs crammed into a ceiling space even as big as this one... Hence the jaw-open expression.

  5. Very nice spotting...

    unkle e - so nice to hear from you on here! Its been a long while!

    ailin - I've always had a soft spot for second hand chairs and all the history they have worn into them!

    And daring Alice - this photo was taken in a big antique warehouse that pirateonahorse and I have spent a fair good hours in, and love completely. Yes does have a lot of chairs... on the ground, and hanging from the roof.


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