14 Oct 2009

Blaue Hortensie

Just like the last green in a colour pot
So are these leaves, withered and wrecked
Behind the flower umbels, which reflect
A hue of blue only, more they do not.

Reflections are tear-stained, inaccurate,
As if they were about to cease,
And like old blue notepaper sheets
They wear some yellow, grey and violet,

Washed-out like on a children's apron,
Outworn and now no more in use:
We contemplate a small life's short duration.

But suddenly some new blue seemingly is seen
In just one umbel, and we muse
Over a moving blue delighting in the green.

"Blue Hydrangeas" - Rainer Maria Rilke


  1. So lovely, I'm so pleased you're showing us more of your sketches x x

  2. I watched you sketch this while I made you dinner...

    Please come again, and I will sing while you bake dessert!

  3. Oohw, Hydrangeas and R.M. Silke! I used to have a garden filled with them.
    (The two poems I like the most of R.M. Silke are: The Panther and Buddha in Glory.)


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