20 Oct 2009

Colour Right Now

picking blue on my walk. wearing green from the 40s. finding yellowed surprises. and orange ideas. making red rhubarb and raspberry fool. and eating it too.

what about you?


  1. Mmm whatever that tasty treat is -- I want some!

  2. I like the little babooshka sitting inside the others :)

    p.s. Do you know a good cake pan and/or chocolate mold stockist in Australia or OS? I need a 3D skull mold... as you do

  3. I love that dress! So beautiful on you!

  4. oh so many lovely things! nesting dolls and hydrangeas and raspberries. yum.

  5. love those first 2 photos, especially the flowers on the windowsill...beautiful. thanks for sharing.


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