5 Oct 2009

Scenes from the Stump

Black Stump festival 2009. Rained and drizzled and poured. Wore red hooded coat for high-visibility. And boots for the puddles. Helped create in the tent space and met some wonderful young people; extreme gymnastics and biro sketches. As well as sharing special news with dear friends. Hearing wonderful Colleen and the guava guys play. Romantic walks at 9.30pm in the pouring rain. And of course hanging out for some heavy metal. Nothing more brutal than the gospel and mud.


  1. I love that first photo! It is so very much like one that I took a few weeks ago. I'm loving this rain and what better to do in it than splash in puddles with Alex.

  2. sounds like a very fun day to me. Red coats and boots, creating in a tent, walks in the rain at night and music.
    Yep thats very fun.


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