13 Sep 2009

Visiting Dad

the usual blue ocean, tree climbing (and swingset climbing), running after toddlers, bicycle riding, cuddles, book reading, bower-nest finding, bush dancing -

but this time it was a little different... I did all the above with my Love by my side, and oh to see my little brother and sister's faces light up (not quite as much as mine does) to know and be around him. You're family now.


  1. That is precious. I wish you every good thing.

    That you always have the closeness of your family... That you always have the best friend-ness of your love...
    That you each put the other before the self...
    That you grow up, and grow old, together.


  2. I love that dress Emily and those rusty bikes, but even more so the combination of dress wearing girl on rusty bike. I am a firm believer that we shouldn't have to wear cycling skins to ride bicycles and besides, it's so much nicer to feel a skirt flutter in the breeze.

  3. Oh you are so adorable! Looks like a lovely, lovely day. And were those purple shoes? Fabulous :)

  4. Oh, how sweet Emily. I want to pinch your cheeks! =)


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