8 Sep 2009

The Spring Tank

As the warmer weather approaches so does the need for singlets and skirts - both items of clothing I love - but felt a little change was needed in the singlet department.

So this is my first attempt at embellishing clothes - one with crocheted lace doilies and the other with slightly irregular yo-yos (made from an assortment of cotton); I call them Spring Tank Tops, as opposed to regular ones, because they are bright and unexpected.

I have a few more ideas for embellishing tops I want to try out; involving ruffles and embroidery, but finding time is a wee bit of an issue at the moment. And don't even get me started on how much I really REALLY love making those yo-yos! They are seriously addictive; once you make a few you want to make hundreds and THOUSANDS and cover every surface imaginable; pillows, bags, lounges, HOUSES! I'm sticking to the singlets and pillows for now, but cars and hot air balloons beware...


  1. Ooh, yum! I've stockpiled a few tees and tanks (singlets? That's the flipping cutest word for a top ever - I'm bringing it to the states!) that are just waiting to be transformed into the sketches in my book.

  2. I've always know 'Yo-yos' as Suffolk Puffs - the hilarious name befitting my Yr 7 textiles teacher! But your are gorgeous!

  3. Dove, get cracking on those singlets! I'd love to see your sketches being worn... And possibly send over a few; we can do an exchange for some yoga pants!

    And Alice, Suffolk Puffs... I like that, sounds like it should be a delicious pastry though!

  4. they are soooo pretty! i love them!

  5. Thank you Ailin, for your sweet comments, as always x

  6. Oh so cute, I can't decide which is my favourite!


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